…is naming this pedestrian insight while recruiting endorphins.

…is validating intruders, gauging the flexibility of a particular magnet, & reading blurriness while cowering from definitive action.

…is harboring reclusive signals & loitering through a damp forest.

…is orchestrating lids from estranged containers, pluralizing spontaneity, & highlighting a field of radical decorum.

…is chamfering organic bends in funny granite while scrutinizing dualism.

…is detaining these answers for longer rumination, upholstering this murky pond, & savoring elderly grapes in a crisp breeze.

…is floating through & w/in externalities.

…is colonizing specialties, authoring marks for permutation, & filing this residue of improvised valorization while trusting hastily.

…is taming vulgarity & projecting clues onto an eager dehumidifier.

…is abstracting joy into redundant collages while peeling off the necessary omissions & tricking isometrical deeds out of slavery.

…is carrying these embryonic schemes into a valley, reconciling obligatory terror, & picturing branches that dance joyfully w/hurricanes.

…is judging validity, suppressing urges to exploit nuclei, & changing borders w/refugees while ironing out logic from this autonomous mannerism & heating talkative water.

…is accusing etiquette of suffocation, leaking wizardry into the distributive manifold, & theorizing w/a neglected blender.

…is contributing to an inventory.

…is exclaiming to a patch of grass & collecting idiosyncratic arrangements.

…is gawking @ beams of light, dividing a war into thematic sections, & circulating this rumor while vetoing pleas for a milder engagement, negating fertilization, & quantifying the heights of intuition.

…is interpreting transcendental replies while loosening docility & counting perpendicular qualities of this attitude.

…is contaminating placidity, wearing this jagged role, & kneading statistics.

…is waiting for honesty to infuse the apparatus.

…is justifying the reason to a panel of morphing checklists, browsing traits, & invading these embarrassments while quitting diversion & navigating sociological fragility w/hectic urgency.

…is loaning factories, compartmentalizing dissonance, & entering the gooey air of this brisk night w/hopes for violent serenity.

…is clicking on the internet & untangling a melodic quarrel while saving discarded enthusiasm.

…is grafting sensitivity onto a treadmill, noting disguises, & bickering w/this protractor about the contingencies of intentionality.

…is lobotomizing a compass while deciding between trivializing stability or multiplying the ignitions to eloquent vigor.

…is forfeiting the battle against symmetry & cuddling w/epistemological notions.

…is stretching muscles & hijacking psychological ammunition while fantasizing into a tremendous labyrinth.

…is detonating a curriculum for assimilation, rendering botany w/pigment, & trimming fungi off these illegitimate webs of monotony.

…is perplexing a sidewalk w/hermeneutics & editing ambient insanity.

…is hopping on this luscious rainbow & fortifying neural dendrites.

…is yodeling w/this diameter of a ceiling fan, nominating susceptible moats, & leveling the anxious rebellion.

…is dismantling the organism cautiously.

…is rehabilitating injured apathy & enhancing graphics while mimicking the philosophy of a tumbling boulder.

…is calling for reform, wearing the usual equation, & ogling @ this monumental itch to generate shapes.

…is brewing aromatic uppers, forcing convoluted masks over immediacy, & typing onto this pixilated landscape while submitting to a hierarchy & chasing quick insects.

…is adjusting those rhythms, grazing w/in a permeable corridor, & supervising the daily fluctuations of impulsivity.

…is embellishing facts, distilling a ritual into topography, & meandering on this concrete porch.

…is grinning @ this chart & witnessing the impact of manic advertisements.

…is molding sentimentality.

…is enticing mystical prey using frozen laughter, verifying corollaries, & skipping w/boredom along the river.

...is bargaining w/controllers of the sequence while interviewing a doorway about mistreatment in pedagogical tableaux.

...is deteriorating impostors who threaten a castle.

...is collapsing this rooftop & handing over the key to a festival while mumbling biblical parables.

...is neutralizing sabotage issued by anonymity.

...is marginalizing vitality because of ignorance, fumbling the ego, & hearing analog cries w/optical static.

...is refusing the bubbly potion & touching caterpillars while steering this wagon along the volatile nerves of a zeitgeist.

...is carving ambition into lethargic glitches & begging a hidden dictatorship to finish their esoteric meal.

...is voting for perpetual fairy tales.

...is aligning indifferences while levitating herbal diagrams over a whining syndrome.

...is nursing consequential melancholy, delegating tasks, & persuading this window sill to believe in ethnography.

...is exhibiting (relocating) all new status updates from 10/13/09 until 10/18/09 @ 2565 third st., 94107.

…is serenading this faucet, renovating a conditional design, & lending an elbow to hallucinatory muffins.

…is dressing aspiration in overtly bizarre garments while envying this stairway.

…is updating this synthetic conduit, figuring out how to use a new purchase, & dulling the agents of mitigation.

…is regimenting the will imprudently, summarizing outcomes from effort, & asking a miter joint to decode this puzzle.

…is negotiating 360 degrees of empty space while inventing cocktails.

…is swimming in a lake, bicycling on pavement, & running through wooded areas.

…is recording how oscillation ferments into neurosis, catalyzing these algorithms, & slipping downward out of view.

…is wishing for the capability to just tend a humble garden.

…is indexing behavioral phenomena while doodling on surfaces w/graphite.

…is educating this lamp about semiotics, modifying the identity of reductivism, & baiting convention to give into its vices.

…is seeing an opportunistic weakness, flexing the mechanical basis of existential utility, & categorizing specimens.

…is disappearing gradually in reaction to abundance.

…is executing passivity in medieval fashion, raising the altitude of these objects 6”, & smearing calculus onto bald heads.

…is formatting regions of data acquisition while placing cold tarsi in leather shoes.

…is lowering the volume to sublimate irrationality.

…is dramatizing closet hangers, filling a receptacle, & graduating pupils from this institution.

…is reaching for that safety lever as the narrative inflicts turbulence.

…is supporting the route of an idea, tightening knobs, & picking a liquid for this ceremony.

…is distorting spatial networks while listening to jokes from a unicorn.

…is consuming disproportionate malleability, spelling the password for exiting a winged foreigner’s net, & lying about graphs.

…is enclosing feathers w/denim to build a pillow & nullifying the adhesive on household tape using repetition.

…is zooming out from the claustrophobic theatricality.

…is training for the introduction of practicing for methods that could lead to a beginning & sweeping this room.

…is fixing communal inadequacy, wiggling toes, & stabbing the cerebellum w/paragraphs of babble.

…is mistaking this depressed table saw for an entrepreneurial group of balloons.

…is brainwashing a surplus to keep increasing its accumulations while punctuating events w/greeting cards & labeling fabrics by their mood during reflexology tests.

…is diving up.

…is converting the moon into a village of accountants, demonstrating karate to this electrical outlet, & setting booby traps.

…is visualizing interconnectivity while scrolling down a list of prefixes.

…is tearing neat wounds in the criminal behind ambivalence.

…is smashing extroversion into chromatophobia, polishing glassware, & hypnotizing these mini blinds.

…is causing illness & designating jobs for the unruly.

…is feeding the ears while bartering for orphaned accelerators.

…is playing tag w/iconic bridges, consulting this distressed easel, & memorizing lessons given by an anonymous shaman.

…is mapping digital guidance onto natural fibers.

…is rotating gears to emancipate variables causing homicidal pressure, objecting to the phonetic alphabet, & spilling warm tea on this conceited uniform.

…is stalking expressionistic origins & calming acrylic paint.

…is exaggerating dramas while mailing procedural remnants & operating on the # 3.

…is squishing twisted hypothalami into a vacant crack & opening a bottle of dry wine.

…is depositing fonts into random venues, staring @ paisley, & unzipping this giant wall.

…is becoming applicable.

…is rebuilding organ efficacy & turning wheels.

…is hiring protagonists of the inconvenient army.

…is vacating a fuzzy town while cloning motivation from symbols.

…is positioning sincerity next to thunder & grooming artificial backyards.

…is thinking about 5 circuses while disrupting equilibrium.

…is uploading technical ability.

…is digging for shiny pebbles.

…is pressing eject buttons, tasting cerebral disorientation & sketching alien flags.

…is waking optimistically, sewing contradictions together, & buying a robotic pet to entertain these annoying inspirations.

…is coloring mentalities.

{1; 1 while 2; 1, 2, & 3}

…is evaporating solids while tracking dialectic patterns of this neighborhood.

…is turning in a circular motion & ignoring these poorly assembled warnings.

…is quizzing butterflies.

…is repairing damage, unframing tendencies, & manufacturing this handbook for creating instructions to write advice.

…is evading ideological quotas.

…is coating suggestive activity w/precise delusion.

…is borrowing historical trends from underground sources while mutating qualm into friendly amoebas.

…is reflecting ambiguity onto cellophane.

… is imbuing this stapler w/associations & chopping up vegetables.

…is modularizing wardrobes.

…is comprehending illegal stimuli.

…is snuggling w/mortal enlightenment during a psychedelic crawl through vicious hallways.

…is unlearning habits.

…is experiencing definitions, frightening the self w/mundaneness , & obsessing about the capacity to preface the birth of a glorified automaton living now.

…is speculating upon the motives of an eraser.

…is reinstating laws & appreciating gaps.

…is climbing ladders underneath orienting trauma.

…is promoting fusion.

…is remembering styles while printing ultra decaying numbers.

…is planning for novelty, enjoying awkwardness, & riding an old bicycle.

…is magnifying psychologies.

… is campaigning against each other.

…is throwing large furniture @ imaginary holes, dancing for rain & alternating socks every minute.

…is cropping reality.

…is yielding to words & drinking coffee in a thunderstorm.

...is unifying zippers w/an echo.

…is holding still while traveling.

…is dodging metaphysics.

…is vandalizing pretension while jumping rope & sculpting masterpieces.

… is suppressing chance.

… is poisoning intake devices & folding clothes.

… is matching up incongruities.

…. is being dominated by the epiphanic policies of certain ancestral figures.

…is smuggling tradition into abnormality.

… is corrupting knowledge while addressing strategies.

…is meeting w/alchemists & drawing silhouettes of patience.

… is hunting for ingredients.

… is getting dizzy, overwhelmed, &/or fit.

… is ordering a catapult, reviewing dissections, & liking this interactive plot.

… is studying cognitive mishaps.

… is rescuing individual ceremonies & growing plants.

… is considering projective scenes.

… is encoding solutions while flying numerous kites.

… is taking vitamins, driving cars, & undermining architectural principles.

… is watching items tumble down a hill.

… is preferring a translucent lens.

… is anticipating secrets while researching geometry.

… is fiddling w/the beard in response to this propositional conglomerate.

…is reducing an uneconomical mess of functions to just 2: challenge ontologically & disturb spiritually.

…is disclaiming the edge & reviving a breathe.

…is massaging ways to initiate new contact.

…is spying on dead flowers.

… is empathizing w/negativity & augmenting features on the robot.

…is observing language as a malfunctioning valve.

…is honoring a modest surrender while dumping out the emergency fuel.

…is conforming to the wrong agenda.

… is juxtaposing & underlining.

…is rationing out stacks of dynamism in preparation for future interstitial controversies.

…is criticizing hesitation through paradoxical inactivity.

… is translating generalities while misapprehending silent foliage.

… is digesting another sloppy replica.

…is utilizing nutritional paranoia.

…is counseling disorder on the subject of austere functionality.

… is auditioning participants for a collaborative exercise.

… is untying this knotted abyss while dreaming of gray lollipops, sheer fabric, & excessive clouds.

… is overestimating rare flowers while securing a place on the hill.

… is having surrealizations.

… is packaging messy gratification for storage while trying to become infatuated w/normality.

… is absorbing words & outputting letters.

…is convincing machines about emotional value.

… is hanging onto the momentum while debating gestures.

…is ripping the conscious mind apart.

… is tickling a box of surprises.

… is guessing about the interior & remaining calm.

… is working on final assignments for the semester: a cyborg & a time machine.

…is harvesting fundamentals while testing contraptions.

…is looking for equipment.

…is bracing for the review monsters.

… is gathering lost essentials.

… is enduring dizzy objects while vending novel suggestions.

…is making choices & pressing buttons.

… is unwrapping doubt only when suspicion blinks.

… is confusing realities.

…is feeling brutal simultaneity & running on along unconscious pathways.

… is tuning nihilistic ideologies.

… is replenishing deficient areas while being jealous of those leaves in that wind.

… is crumpling up attachments, stomping on withdrawals, & diluting the governments.

… is monitoring the chaotic implications.

…is yelling at memory for its inescapable resonations.

…is taking a cubist perspective on specific voids.

…is administering some form of utopia by intoxicating the last normal perception.

… is overthrowing the whispered condemnations.

… is returning to another tomorrow.

…is forgetting why risks are valuable.

…is making unmades & laboring labor.

…is trading merchandise w/foreign aestheticians.

…is assembling disparate emotions while banging harder on the magical reservoir.

…is excavating in the laboratory.

… is hiding in the crevice.

… is whistling about fabrication processes.

… is organizing the body while exporting the mind.

… is numbing the malicious subtlety.

… is cultivating detrimentality & bracing for its arrival w/the standard medicine.

… is quieting the illusionistic viruses.

… is juggling options.

…is pushing through denial in search of artistic hypertrophy.

…is looking for hints at the conclusion.

… is lounging in caffeinated experimentation w/dense fog & acoustic backgrounds.

…is criticizing assumptions through inverted relativism.

…is I-N-G-ing

…is tracing a path.

…is leaving.

…is wandering beneath shadows

…is coordinating absurdity.

…is questioning the structural foundation of a wobbly platform

…is evaluating the severity of certain addictions

…is trying out the status function.

Private Action, Text

If intentionally messier formalism trumps a semantic attitude, then how does advancement happen?