Jesse Eric Schmidt
I like systems of reduction, dangerous poeticizing, & evolutionary gestures.

I make art in the everyday situation that works to deconstruct, provoke, & reconfigure ideas about our behavioral lures & their consequential implications.
I am exercising playfully to destabilize & renovate the self.
I use art to keep my curiosity fit through designing projects that advance the shape of their governing questions:

• How to portray the self deconstructing & reassembling itself?
• How are strategies for intimacy manufactured & utilized?
• How can the exerting body contribute to new artistic propositions?
• How might codifying language, imposing games on the self, & hybridizing default entities refurbish consciousness?
• How will discomfort have a role in hospitality to philosophical irritations?
• How may futility, competition, & provocation lead the dialog?

My practice is driven by ideas & utilizes economical form. The body of work is a commentary on training in the fields of art & existence, which operates as a collection of studies focusing on programmatic techniques for responsiveness, investigation, & criticality.